Our Vision

The vision of New Venture Lab is to assist Christian entrepreneurs as follows:

  • Equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up and maturing the body of Christ. 1
  • Effect a right and true view of, and motivation for, work and wealth - one that flows out a steward's heart of service to the Lord and directs all glory back to Him for any resulting success. 2
  • Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. 3
  • Seek and yield fruitfulness in all areas of family and business life in order to glorify God. 4

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2. Col 3:23-24, Prov 3:9-10, Ecc 5:10, Luke 16:13, 1Ti 6:9-19
3. Col 1:10
4. Gen 1:26-28, 1 Chr 29:11-13, Prov 15:6, 13:22, 22:29, John 15:8,16

Our Founder - Wade Myers

Wade Myers is the founder of New Venture Lab. He is also the president of the Venture Academy, an entrepreneurship training program with a course of instruction that includes lectures and Harvard Business School case studies presented in a Biblical framework. He co-founded the multi-volume film documentary series featuring Christian family businesses titled Family Works: Inspiring Profiles of Family Business and his popular business planning tool Startup Financial Model is used by entrepreneurs worldwide. Wade has recently partnered with Crown Financial Ministries to distribute his materials globally through the new Crown Business Channel.

Wade has co-founded, invested in, and been a director of over 25 companies. He has had the role of CEO in 5 of those ventures, including firms that grew into a global IT services company and a nationwide real estate services company. He has also been the chairman of a seed capital firm, venture partner for two venture capital firms, and board member of an $850 million investment firm. For additional information on his current activities, visit Boldmore Growth Partners.

Wade's other work experience includes the Boston Consulting Group, where he developed strategy for Fortune 500 companies; Mobil Corporation, where he held several positions ranging from sales representative to national market development manager for a $150 million division; and the US Army, where he served as an Airborne Ranger. He is a combat veteran of the Gulf War where he was awarded the Bronze Star.

Wade holds three degrees, including an MBA from Harvard University where he graduated as a Baker Scholar (top 5% of his class). He has been a business case author for Harvard and helped develop one of Harvard’s executive education courses. He has also been a speaker and lecturer at numerous family conferences, entrepreneurial conferences, investment conferences, and top MBA programs across the U.S.

Wade and his wife Andreanna and their five children live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“I’ve watched Wade and observed what he does to try to figure out why he is so effective at what he does and I think the answer is that he is so disciplined at documenting everything.  He observes, he takes notes, he assimilates and he is able to articulate the bottom line very clearly.  He has done a great job with New Venture Lab and it is what is needed for the hour.” — Arnold P.

“Mr. Myers, I wanted to thank you for all you do with New Venture Lab.  It has become my main source of guidance as I attempt to balance family and business life.” — Jeremiah E.


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