Our consulting services include:

  • Business planning
  • Business due diligence
  • Business turn-around
  • Sales and Marketing consulting

How does this service work?

New Venture Lab provides consulting to entrepreneurs who are looking to launch, acquire, grow, improve or sell their company. Each engagement is custom-tailored to the entrepreneur's needs.


“Your advice was very timely and helpful. Thank you so much for your Godly wisdom. It was a huge help.” — John B.

“We are still struggling along with our business, but your advice, your prayers and your patient explanation of our issues was very encouraging for us.” — John T.

“I can't tell you how much I appreciate the advice you gave me.  The Lord is blessing our business and our backlog continues to grow in spite of the economy.  Thank you again for your encouragement, testimony and guidance.” — Dan F.

“I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you for the investments you've made personally in my life, and the investments you're making in helping mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.  I would have loved to have joined the session today, but am finding myself busier all the time running my computer repair business.  I had more work than I could get to today, and my schedule for Monday is already full.  It was a huge blessing for the way you made it possible for me to join you in Tennessee as I was just starting my business plans, and I attribute a lot of the areas I've had success to the wisdom I was able to glean there.” — Jason K.

Additional resources offered by New Venture Lab:

Family Works: Inspiring Profiles of Family Business – Volume One

Venture Academy Online - subscription-based HD video of our Christian entrepreneurship training course


Startup Financial Model Website

The Startup Financial Model a detailed, multi-sheet, completely integrated, easy-to-configure Excel-based business plan model for those who are planning or running a startup or small business and want an excellent financial model to enhance their business plan and capital-raising efforts. This companion site of ours includes step-by-step video instructions and customers choose what price they pay.