Electrical Contractor Turned His Work Experience Into An Award-Winning Renewable Energy Business

This profile features Seraphim Electric Company, winner of the 2006 Vision Forum Entrepreneurial Bootcamp business plan contest •••

Former Ministry Worker Starts an Educational Coaching Business That Has Grown Into a Workforce of 20+

This profile features CollegePlus!, an education coaching company that was launched "intrapreneurially" inside a parent company •••

Former Architect/Draftsman Started a Thriving Coffee Business with His Family

This profile features Gusto di Vita Coffee, a thriving family-operated coffee kiosk and products business •••

Real Estate Entrepreneur Applied Lessons Learned by Working in His Father's Business

This profile features the JFI Land company, a real estate development firm in central Florida •••

Former IT Manager Acquired Business After He Was Laid Off

This profile features a mid-career information technology manager that was laid off due to a merger and faithfully followed God's leading into independent business ownership. •••

Former Radio Station Employee Launches His Own Voice and Audio Production Company

This profile features Ron Allan Fouts and his journey from radio station employee to having his own production company. •••

Boys Start a Successful Lawn Mowing Business to Contribute to the Family Economy

This profile features three young brothers that responded to their father's encouragement to start their own business. •••

Former Mechanic and Repairman Invents a New Test Device and Launches Business

This profile features Preston Products, a company launched to sell an aircraft test box that entrepreneur Kevin George invented. •••

Land Surveyer Quits Job and Launches Company with His Family

This profile features the Rob Rugloski family and Landmark Surveying, the new land surveying business they recently launched. •••

Former Horse Trainer and Carpenter Starts an Architectural Millwork Company

This profile features Daniel Parish and his journey to launching his own company as a young husband and father. •••

Assistant District Attorney Launches His Own Law Firm One Year Out of Law School

This profile features Jesse Paine of the Paine Law Firm who launched his own law practice with only one year of experience as an assistant district attorney. •••

19-Year-Old Entrepreneur Launches His Own Recruiting Business

This profile features Nolan Manteufel and his recruiting business.  Nolan is a recent graduate of the New Venture Lab Apprentice program. •••

Former Car Rental Manager Forms Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm with His Family

This profile features Alan Melton, a former car rental manager and ground transportation entrepreneur that formed a mergers and acquisitions advisory where he helps small business owners and ministers to them during major life transitions. •••

18-Year-Old Takes Over Family Business Brokerage

This profile is about a young man that took over the family business brokerage and business intermediary business after his father passed away.  Read more about his story here and here. •••

Former Salesman Buys a Water Sports Equipment Company

This is a profile about a successful salesman and entrepreneur who liked a product so much that he bought the company. •••

Father and Son Buy an IT Services Business Together

This profile features one young man's unique experience of working as an apprentice for his father while his father was employed as an IT Director -- proving that through creativity and prayer, God can provide opportunities for fathers to work with sons.  He and his father later went on to buy their own IT services company. •••

Teacher Leaves Public School Job To Clean Windows

This profile features Brian Mick, a humble window cleaner that delights in honoring God, serving customers, leading his family and running a small business that generates a six-figure net income for him while working with his family from his home -- a business he started with less than $100. •••

Former Sales and Marketing Executive Starts a Sales and Marketing Consulting Firm

This profile features a sales and marketing professional that loves to help other entrepreneurs be more successful with their sales and marketing programs. •••

20-Year Old Launches a Company as Part of His Education

This profile features a young entrepreneur that launched a company as a way to continue his education -- an education that his parents carefully crafted to teach him entrepreneurship •••

Former Engineer Successfully Launches Online Jewelry Site

This profile features a former engineer that successfully launched an online specialty retail website, but only after learning some painful lessons with a physical retail store. •••

Former NASA Software Developer Launches Software Startup

This profile features Tony Ingraldi, a software developer that is working on launching his own software company while working part-time as a software contractor to fund his startup. •••

Three Entrepreneurs Score with Their First Movie Project

This profile features, Brian, Daniel and Gary - three entrepreneurs that creatively collaborated on a movie project. •••

Veterinarian Creates a Low-Cost, High-Margin Practice

This profile features Ben Character and his creative approach to designing his own successful and highly-profitable veterinarian practice after working for -- and studying -- the operational issues with typical veterinarian practices •••