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Blog Posts on the Recent Venture Academy

Be sure to check out the following blog posts on our recent Venture Academy: Franklin Springs Family Media blog Nathaniel Darnell's blog   •••

Bank Bankruptcy Forecast

Are we having fun yet with this downturn?  This forecast was just developed by an arm of the Bain and Company strategy consulting firm regarding pending bank failures: •••

Join the NVL Group on LinkedIn

Looking to network with like-minded entrepreneurs?  Join the New Venture Lab group on LinkedIn by clicking here.  New to LinkedIn?  It is the most powerful business networking tool I've seen and I recommend it highly for staying connected, hiring leadership talent and finding •••

Don't Get Too Personal With Customers

I wanted a haircut, not a relationship.  But the lady at the Great Clips counter stood her ground behind the cash register terminal with her hands frozen on the keyboard, demanding my name, address and phone number so she could enter it into their system to "form a relationship with me to •••

Mapping Decline and Recovery Across Industry Sectors

Industry sector performance analysis during recent recessions is another excellent indicator of what we might be facing this time around in the current downturn.  In fact, one could argue that the more recent the data, the more predictable the data should be regarding current •••

Creative Entrepreneurship in a Downturn - Part 1

The crucible of a downturn always gives rise to an increase in entrepreneurial endeavor as we are forced into being more creative in dealing with fewer job opportunities and fewer available resources.  In the following interview, Harvard Business School (HBS) senior lecturer and McKinsey & •••

Simplicity: The Next Big Thing

Simplification is in.  Some of the hottest-selling books right now feature instructions on how to lead a simpler, lower-cost lifestyle.  And for good reason, given that we are in the middle of a global economic meltdown.  Entrepreneurs need to adapt that same attitude of •••

Surviving the Downturn

During the dot com bust when I was flailing to do a 180 degree turn and go from dizzying growth to slashing costs, I created a mantra that we used throughout the organization as a way of helping us focus like a laser beam on becoming profitable.  That same mantra applies to managing a •••

Transitioning from Being Laid-Off to Being an Entrepreneur

Sometimes all a would-be entrepreneur needs is a little push and sometimes that push -- by the providence of God -- comes in the form of being laid off. Heavy lay-offs always lead to a spate of new startups, as many of those newly-released workers roll up their sleeves and attempt to start •••

Lessons on Leadership from Combat Veterans

Men learn to lead in combat and with our two current wars on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, a new generation of leaders are being produced with a set of unique skills that they are bringing back to American companies and business schools.  I recently spent a day interviewing a dozen •••

An Analysis of the Great Depression

Many economists are predicting that we are headed into another depression, perhaps even as bad as the Great Depression.  Given that, I recently commissioned an exhaustive investment research report on what happened during the Great Depression and specifically what products, services, •••

Kevin Swanson on an Entrepreneurial Education

College ā€“ Overrated and Overpriced? Now mainstream folks are asking the same questions that we've been asking for the last ten years. John Stossel - January 28th, 2009, wrote an article entitled "The College Scam," calling college the most overrated, overpriced product on the market today. He •••

Venture Academy Registration is Now Open

The first installment of the Venture Academy with a week-long Basic Training course will take place March 23-28, 2009 at Camp Marymount in the beautiful hills of middle Tennessee just outside of Fairview, Tennessee (west of Nashville.)  Click here to download the •••

Why the Economy Is Going To Get A Lot Worse Before It Gets Better

Things are going to get much worse due to the bungled bailout attempts, the principle of the J Curve and the principle of the Ripple Effect. 1. First, the bailout will only delay any recovery.  Click here for a previous post for more on that. 2. Second, there is the principle of the ā€œJā€ •••

How Would Walt Disney Market in 2009?

Even though Walt Disney was not a believer and even though his productions were not glorifying to God in their storylines, we can still learn much from his business genius, after all, Jesus did tell us to learn from the children of the world, but apply it to our Godly endeavors in his parable of •••

Venture Academy Update

The first installment of the Venture Academy with a week-long Basic Training course will take place March 23-28, 2009 at Camp Marymount in the beautiful hills of middle Tennessee just outside of Fairview, Tennessee (west of Nashville.)  Registration will open next week. For •••

Top Ten Workforce Trends for 2009

Working with employees can always be challenging, but it is especially challenging in uncertain times and in a shifting context.  An HR consulting firm has recently drawn up what it believes to be the top ten trends for 2009 in terms of managing employees: #10: Prevalence of Support •••

Government Intervention with Free Market Mechanisms - Part 2

The bailout of the banks, auto manufacturers and everyone else that will line up for a handout is a colossal mistake and will only lead to inflation and a declining dollar. In a recent television interview, Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holdings -- and a highly-successful investor -- named a few •••

All About Royalty Agreements

I have been getting more and more questions about royalty agreements: what they are, how they work, how to negotiate them, etc. This is a typical question I got just the other day: We are beginning negotiations for a royalty/license agreement. What is the customary way to value what we •••

What Should You Pay Out In Salary Increases For 2009?

Has the economy hurt your business?  Perhaps it is time to rethink your salary actions for next year.  What follows is some solid guidance from an experienced HR professional... Six months ago, companies were poised to grow salaries aggressively, based on: a) rising demand for talent •••

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