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How to Research an Industry

In the Venture Analysis videos in the Venture Academy, you mentioned that choosing an industry is a key to a successful business because some industries have better dynamics than others. I was trying to look industries up on Google Finance, but I am at a loss on how to search for industry •••

How to Understand an Income Statement

What expenses comprise the differences between the terms "total revenue", "operating income", "earnings", and "net income"? •••

Pastor Looking to Coach CEOs

I am a pastor looking to launch a CEO coaching service to help them with the development and implementation of a vision for how to transform their companies into a Christian-led, Biblically-operated company. I have developed a process that includes discipleship and setting the tone of the company. •••

Looking for Sponsor Company to Develop a Product Idea

I have an idea for a product that doesn't exist yet based upon internet research. It has been on my mind for some time and I keep shrugging it off but feel that God may be putting it on my mind for a reason. I would like to know of a Christian company that will work with me to create •••

Problems with Family Employee Not Producing

I have watched the Venture Academy videos and I have a question regarding our family business. I have a family member who has been working in our family business and the goal was that he would help grow the business, but since I put him on salary, he is not producing enough to justify •••

Product Licensing Business Plan Template?

I love your site. I am working with an inventor who has a production-ready patented product. We are looking to license it to a large marketer/distributor who has complementary products. Do you have a business plan template that fits a licensing business model? •••

How Do I Get Started On a Family Business?

I would like to start a family business, but I'm not sure where to begin. I currently live 45 minutes from work and I have several children and a wonderful wife. I also have a hobby farm and pay a high monthly mortgage payment. I would like to be available for my family instead of being out of •••

Is Post-Secondary Education Necessary?

I am a father of five children ranging from 3 years old to 20 and I would like your opinion on a matter. My wife and I prayed and asked the Lord to show us what would be the best follow-on once our two eldest being boys finish school as we were not sure whether or not college was a good choice for •••

Using the Venture Academy for a High School Course

We are considering utilizing the Venture Academy as a high school business course for our 16 year old son. My husband and I would also like to be able access the content on a fairly regular basis in order to see what he's learning and to be able to better discuss the content with •••

How Do I Develop the Skills to Think Like an Entrepreneur?

I have truly enjoyed your Venture Academy series during the past year. It was an incredible investment value. Your personal stories on how you honed your entrepreneurial talents were most interesting.  With your experience and understanding, would you suggest apprenticeships, or •••

Good Case Studies For Product Managers At Startups?

What are some good Harvard Business School cases for product managers at startups? •••

Should I Buy Into This Franchise?

I am a Christian and college graduate with eighteen years of financial services experience. I am considering a franchise opportunity in senior care, but the franchisor (a friend) has yet to document the entire business opportunity and is offering me a discounted beta rate to be his first •••

Raising Seed Capital for a Healthcare Products Company

I’ve developed an innovative product for the healthcare industry, specifically for the hospital environment that improves patient health and safety while lowering the healthcare provider’s time and cost. We are looking for $250k to $500k to fund the manufacture of the first few prototypes •••

Transitioning from a Job to a Startup

This question is related to transitioning. My husband has a job with great benefits and is making more than he ever has in his line of work, which he has been doing for 20 years. In the beginning of his career, he always wanted his own business but it just never worked out.  As our oldest •••

When Do I Pull the Plug?

I am at a point where I am starting to think about shutting down my startup operation and wonder if you can share your wisdom on discerning when to persevere vs. when to pull the plug on a startup. If you touched on this in the Venture Academy lectures, can you point me there? (I •••

Improving the Profitability of a Conference

My family has planned and managed a Christian family conference each year now for several years, but we end up losing quite a bit of money on each conference. We really feel it is of the Lord and that the conference is a blessing to many families, but it has turned into a painful financial •••

What Questions Should You Ask a VC When Getting to Know Them and Their Firm?

I'm raising a seed round for a consumer web startup.  Getting good interest from VCs.  What questions do I need to ask of them to gain insight into how well we'd work together? •••

Inventor Looking for Manufacturing and Marketing Partner

Does the purpose of NVL include helping a Christian inventor like me get connected with a Christian manufacturing/marketing company? If so, I would like to know how this might take place. •••

How to Grow a Home Inspection Business

I’ve transitioned from being a licensed general and electrical contractor to a certified home inspector. While at first, I sought business from everybody and anybody, I am now trying to position myself as the inspector of choice with a focused group of successful realtors. Finances are •••

Are Surety Bonds Biblical?

I have a lawn care business and I would like to provide landscaping services as well, but in my state I have to get licensed, insured and bonded in order to do that. When I called the insurance company they called the bond a surety bond. I wonder if that has anything to do with surety in •••

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