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Pastor Looking to Coach CEOs

I am a pastor looking to launch a CEO coaching service to help them with the development and implementation of a vision for how to transform their companies into a Christian-led, Biblically-operated company. I have developed a process that includes discipleship and setting the tone of the company. •••

Is Post-Secondary Education Necessary?

I am a father of five children ranging from 3 years old to 20 and I would like your opinion on a matter. My wife and I prayed and asked the Lord to show us what would be the best follow-on once our two eldest being boys finish school as we were not sure whether or not college was a good choice for •••

Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity

If one does not have an entrepreneurial personality, but a good work effort, are franchise ownership a reasonable direction? How does one evaluate franchising? •••

Looking for Industries with the Best Opportunities

How do you anticipate which industries are set to change and provide the most opportunities in the next fear years? •••

Estimating Market Penetration of a New Service

Regarding business model: How do you estimate market penetration on a "new/different" service that people do not currently use?  Is that changing behavior? •••

Record Keeping at Launch

My wife is starting an online business. How do we find a God honoring structure in keeping records of everything, because right now we have no guidelines?  We are just winging it and we are not organized. •••

For Profit or Non-Profit Company Structure?

In terms of a ministry, how does one decide whether to make one's idea/model non-profit or profit and can you have an endeavor be both profit and non-profit (one part profit, one part not-for-profit)? •••

Starting a Small Manufacturing Business

Is it possible for our kids to have a small manufacturing business (like sewing small stuffed animal toys for a specialized tourist shop) and complete with Chinese labor or is this a lost cause from the start?  Can they try just making some items or do you want an LLC before trying to sell any •••

Building an IT Managed Services Business

I have just started managing an IT Service company a couple months ago.  Where is the best place to start implementing some of these concepts of how to think like an entrepreneur?  I'd like to take our company to IT Managed Services, but we are so small that just servicing the help desk •••

Computer Repair Business

What do you think about the Computer Repair/IT Field? I think it is a good place to start, but I would try to figure out a way to move from onsite hourly repair engagements or consulting engagements to recurring remote services engagements.  For example, you could get burned out doing a •••

Is Custom Software Development a Good Business Idea?

Would you recommend someone start a business that is "custom" i.e., offering programming or software, for each customer, and not as scalable?  And, if so, does this mean a consulting company would not be as profitable a business model? •••

How to Transition Your Business Model

If you have existing customer base used to one business model, is it smart to change or start new brand? •••

Maintaining Enthusiasm

How do you maintain enthusiasm/creativity/vision when you are tired, or discouraged? •••

Tips on How to Build an Internet Business

Have a few quick questions for you.  Since you've had experience with dot-com businesses, in your opinion:Are dot-com businesses (like for instance NetFlix) still viable business ideas?From idea conception to sustainable profit, for dot-com businesses, what amount of capital and time is •••

Questions on Preparation for Entrepreneurship from a 12 Year-Old

My name is Daniel and I would like to learn from you by asking you a few questions.  What do you think of bonds and mutual funds?  Are they a worthwhile investment?  My brother and I have a lawn business and I was wondering if you had a business when you were my age.  I was •••

How Do I Get Started On a Business Without Any Savings?

I feel the Lord leading me away from my 9-5 job to something more home-based. However, I'm currently living "paycheck to paycheck". I don't want to borrow any money to get started as I'm working on getting debt free and any extra money is going to this. Should I just wait it out, take on a second •••

What About Business Debt?

I believe that we should personally avoid debt as Christians due to the bondage and potential unequal yoking. However, is it okay to issue debt as a Christian to companies in the form of bank loans? I have been blessed in my current non-lending role at a bank and I now have the opportunity to move •••

Starting a Low-Cost Business with My Children

I would like to know how to begin a small business that I can do with my children, ages, 3 6 and 7.  My son is very interested in owning a company.  Is there something we could do with little or no start up fees? •••

Help! I Need Working Capital Right Now!

I am about to launch full-scale with a product at my industry‚Äôs largest trade show this weekend.  I do not have enough capital to finance the scale up and production likely required by the sales my product and booth at the trade show are likely to generate with nationwide distributors (I've •••

How to Hire Your First Employee

I run an early stage software startup and so far it is just me and a few part-time programmers, but I came across a great resume yesterday that a friend forwarded to me and I am wondering if I should hire this person or not as I think they could help the company a lot.  Any advice on •••

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