Using the Venture Academy for a High School Course


We are considering utilizing the Venture Academy as a high school business course for our 16 year old son. My husband and I would also like to be able access the content on a fairly regular basis in order to see what he's learning and to be able to better discuss the content with him. After we sign up and pay the $60.00 will we be able to access the site content on each of our computers? I'm also wondering if you have any specific advice on how to incorporate the various resources you offer into a 120 hour business course (1 credit hour).


Yes the current subscription is $60/year for full access to all of the videos, e-books, and business planning downloads for the entire family from all of your computers. 

The course contains roughly 37 hours of videos on approximately 250 videos and if the student wants additional education value, we would suggest the following:

  • Purchase the 13 Harvard Business School cases taught in the course and read and analyze them prior to watching the case discussion videos, which will add another 25 hours or so of course work
  • Have your son write a business plan or take a few business ideas and score it with our free online Venture Analysis tool to sharpen his thinking and critical thinking skills around entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Create a simple service and then go sell and deliver the service and keep track of their progress using our Startup Financial Model to cement their finance and accounting skills. More on that here: Start a Business Just to Learn

Here are some links that outline some of the things I am working on with my young son: Training My Son for Entrepreneurial SuccessTraining My Son for Entrepreneurial Success - Part 2, and Adam Learns to Sell.


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