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Reliance on External Financing

Entrepreneurs rarely have the capital to see their ideas to fruition and must rely on outside financiers. - Josh Lerner, professor of Finance and Entrepreneurial Management, Harvard Business School •••

Which One Are You?

Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what happened.- Anonymous •••

Steven Blank on Failure

...fail over and over, quickly, until you find a working business. This is what entrepreneurs need to do to reduce the [business] mortality rate. - Steven Blank, Stanford University lecturer and serial entrepreneur •••

Richard Branson on Failure

If you don’t survive, just remember that most businesses fail and the best lessons are usually learned from failure. You must not get too dispirited. Just get back up and try again.- Richard Branson, global entrepreneur and CEO of the Virgin brand of companies •••

The Imprisonment of Fear

If you put fleas in a shallow container, they will rapidly jump out. But if you put a lid on the container for a short time, the fleas will hit the lid, learn to jump only so high, and give up the quest for freedom. After the lid is removed, the fleas will remain imprisoned by their own •••

Thomas Edison on Execution

Vision without execution is hallucination.- Thomas Edison, American inventor •••

Walking the Talk

When the reputation of a company is more positive than its underlying reality, this gap poses a substantial risk - Robert Eccles, reputational risk consultant •••

No One is a Self-Made Man

There is no such thing as a self-made man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success. - George Matthew Adams, writer •••

The Positive Impact of Angel Investors

They are not called "angel" financiers for nothing. In a new study, scholars William Kerr, Josh Lerner, and Antoinette Schoar find that angel funding is positively correlated with "higher survival, additional fundraising outside the angel group, and faster growth measured through growth in Web site •••

Jobless Ex-Managers Turn to Entrepreneurship

With the U.S. job market still stagnant, many out-of-work ex-managers and execs have quit the labor pool to start their own businesses, says outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. The percentage of unemployed workers starting companies rose to 8.6% in 2009, a four-year high, with the •••

Brand Experience Matters to Consumers More Than Loyalty Clubs

Some 52% of people in a survey said their memberships in loyalty clubs (from credit cards, banks, and other companies) influence their buying decisions; but 54% said they'd give up their memberships if they had a negative product or service experience with a brand, according to the Chief Marketing •••

Hundreds More U.S. Firms Likely to Default in Next Two Years

Despite signs that the recession is bottoming out, default rates in the U.S. are likely to worsen as some big companies run out of cash, according to Bain & Company. As many as 287 companies with more than $100 million in assets defaulted on their debt in 2008 and 2009, compared with 116 for •••

Recovery Too Weak to Halt Rising Joblessness?

The economic recovery now spreading across developed countries is too weak to halt the continuing rise in unemployment, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. The jobless rate is expected to peak in the first half of 2010 in the U.S., but it may not be until 2011 •••

Entrepreneurs' Gloom Contradicts Wall Street Optimism

In the past year, more than one-third of the entrepreneurs surveyed have shed jobs while only five percent of entrepreneurs have added employees. A majority of entrepreneurs believe that the stimulus package has hurt entrepreneurial activity, and entrepreneurs want government to pursue a •••

Broadband Connections Increase Rapidly

Despite the economic downturn, the number of household broadband connections continues to grow robustly, and one in five households worldwide will have a fixed broadband connection by the end of 2009, according to Gartner. At the end of 2008, approximately 21 countries had broadband connections in •••

YouTube: It's Not Just for Kids

62% of adult web users watch videos on online sharing sites like YouTube, compared to 33% in December 2006. 89% of 18- to 29-year-old web users watch videos on video-sharing sites; 36% are likely to watch on a typical day. Source: from the Harvard Business Daily Stat commenting on YouTube and •••

Research Dispels Myth About Entrepreneurs

The commonly held belief that entrepreneurs are young college students working out of their dorms is simply wrong.  Rather, on average, they tend to be highly experienced, well-educated workers who have families. They have come to a stage in their lives when they are simply tired of working •••

What Types of Ads Actually Work vs. Those That Do Not

Over one-third of Americans (37%) say that television ads are most helpful in making their purchase decision while 17% say newspaper ads are most helpful and 14% say the same about Internet search engine ads. Radio ads (3%) and Internet banner ads (1%) are not considered helpful by many people. •••

How US Consumer Spending is Changing

After two decades of unsustainably high spending, US consumers are suddenly behaving pretty much as they have in the past. US consumers have responded to the global economic crisis by curtailing their expenditures, paying down debt, and saving more—all logical responses to a recession. Yet most •••

How People Make Purchase Decisions: An Update

Despite the ascendancy of social media, customers still prepare for purchase decisions using a combination of old media, new media, and old-fashioned conversations with friends and family. According to a March 2009 survey by Harris Interactive, the most common methods of gathering information prior •••

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