Introduction to the Venture Analysis

What is the value of Venture Analysis?

Venture Analysis is a unique and indispensable tool for entrepreneurs that are planning a new business venture. It is an automated in-depth analysis engine that helps you evaluate a potential business opportunity or idea.

The analysis engine contains 50 detailed algorithms that were developed after reviewing thousands of business plans and business models and the correlations of those various business model components with the success of those various business models.

Save time and capital by analyzing your idea thoroughly prior to investing a significant amount of time or capital in an opportunity that does not have a high potential for success.

How does this service work?

Simply read through each criteria and respond to the online prompts.  Detailed instructions are included to help you think through each opportunity characteristic and how it might impact the overall business value.

The analysis will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to complete depending upon how familiar you are with the market, operational, financial, product and customer sales characteristics of your business idea.  Online links and prompts are included to help you answer the questions about your business idea.

Once you have started an analysis, you can start or stop at any time and save your work and come back to it later.

When you are complete, you will be delivered a detailed PDF document with a summary score of the potential of your venture and a detailed analysis of the various aspects or your venture and its potential for success.

What does this service cost?

There is no charge for the online use of the Venture Analysis.

Subscribe to the Venture Academy Online to see all 4+ hours of Venture Analysis lectures and workshops along with 40+ additional hours of lectures and Harvard Business School case study discussions.

"It is impossible to give a dollar value to the resources that you offer for download on New Venture Lab as well your Venture Analysis. The decades of experience, expertise, and training that you have boiled down into such seemingly simplistic and formulaic analytical wisdom is truly remarkable and genuinely priceless. I can tell you that the $140 I have spent on your resources and analysis have definitely prevented me from years of headache, squandered savings, and a shipwrecked reputation and are now helping me to craft a solid business venture and potentially launching me past what could have been a lifetime of failed businesses trying to figure out what you have just handed to me on a silver platter." — Peter B.

“Your Venture Analysis is an incredibly powerful tool that is a 'must do' before launching any business.” — Michael L.

“No business plan is complete without this detailed analysis.” — Donald K.

“Wow!  I was really impressed with your Venture Analysis tool. It was excellent.” — Mark S.

“I love your Venture Analysis tool!  In 35 years of building businesses, I have never seen such high-quality analytic thinking packed into such an easy-to-use tool.” — Gary B.


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